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At Super Fix Home Appliances Repair Service, we can help all our clients protect their wine investment with our wine cellar maintenance and wine cellar repair plan. If you are unaware, let us break it to you- numerous cooling equipment problems can get resolved and detected before breakdowns occur. We have been in this industry for some time now, and therefore- we can help protect your wine investment. 


Like every other machinery in this world, no matter how much you invest in a wine cellar, sooner or later, it tends to break. You have to understand that the problem occurs because of excessive wear or improper use, but often the problem can be pretty simple to fix. We have always believed that it is better to repair and maintain rather than throwing it away. Hence, whether your wine cellar is not turning on or failing to maintain the proper temperature, we- Super Fix Home Appliances Repair can help you with wine cellar repair. You need to understand that, at times, the repair can be as simple as conducting proper maintenance.

Repair Than Replace!

Yes, we have always believed in the above saying. It is always better to replace or repair the part than replace the whole appliance! It is no shock that an annual maintenance tune-up can prevent unexpected failures of your wine cooling equipment. Annual maintenance will also fuel up the performance and working of a wine cellar. To be more clear below-mentioned is the list of wine cellar maintenance we offer- 


  1. Appropriate cleaning of the condensate drain
  2. Timely checking of refrigerant pressure 
  3. Look for appropriate air-flow 
  4. Adjust the thermostat calibration 
  5. Moniteration of the cooling cycle 
  6. Tightening of electrical components 
  7. Measure amps/volts 
  8. Inspection of mechanical components 


We at Super Fix Home Appliances Repair are always ready to offer you skilled and professional wine cellar repair services. All you have to do is, contact us via call or email, and we will be at your doorstep. 

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