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You Can Fix a Noisy Microwave at your Home!

After refrigerators, microwave ovens are the most generally used household appliance. Microwave difficulties are certain to develop after a few years of usage, given how frequently it is used to heat meals. If your microwave has just started producing unusual noises and you are confused about what to do, you may either try to fix it yourself or get 
microwave repair services Dubai to handle it for you. When the microwave starts making unusual noises, it’s one of the first symptoms of a problem. Here’s how to silence a squeaky microwave.

  1. Turntable problem: Check to see if the turntable is correctly positioned in the microwave if you believe it is the source of the noise. If not, take it out and firmly replace it. If this doesn’t work, you may need to change the turntable or turntable rims after consulting with a Microwave Repair Company Dubai. If the turntable does not rotate, the food will be heated unevenly, potentially spoiling the meal.
  2. Motor fan malfunction: This is another typical cause of a noisy microwave, and it can happen when the microwave oven’s motor fan fails. Remove the fan motor cover and use an instrument to manually rotate the fan blades. If it still does not revolve, the motor fan is likely faulty and will need to be changed.
  3. Magnetron noise: The microwaves that create heat are provided by the magnetron, which is part of the high voltage circuit. If the magnetron is malfunctioning, it will make a loud buzzing noise, indicating that it is towards the end of its life or is faulty.
  4. Cracking noise: Unusual loud sounds in the microwave might be caused by several factors, including the food you’re heating. Cover the meal to aid with noise reduction. Food spills can also produce cracking noises, so keep the microwave and turntable clean. Finally, avoid using metals or non-microwave safe utensils in the microwave because this causes cracking noises.

It might take a lot of time and effort to find the proper specialist for your home appliance. That is why it is preferable to do things on your own. However, keep in mind that you are not an expert in the field of electrical appliance repair, so you may not be able to effectively fix your home appliance every time. Here is why calling an expert in microwave repair Dubai is the wise option. Super Fix, a UAE-based appliance repair business, can assist you with any of your broken equipment, including microwave repair. Our technicians will do everything necessary to repair your kitchen equipment as soon as possible.

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