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Some Possible Faults And Defects In Microwave Oven!


Like all the other home appliances, a microwave oven is also a machine. And, yes, this machine can also require microwave repair services Al Quoz at times. There can be numerous faults and defects in the microwave. Some of these kinds of faults are given underneath:

  1. The microwave doesn’t warm.  

  2. Buttons don’t work.

  3. The microwave plate doesn’t turn.

  4. The microwave light doesn’t turn on during activity

  5. Startling inside microwave.

  6. The microwave is dead.

  7. The microwave display doesn’t work.

  8. The microwave starts by itself.

  9. The microwave door doesn’t open.


These are some instances where you might require microwave repair Al Quoz.

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