Frequently Asked Questions-Super Fix Home Services

What number do I call if my appointment was missed ?

We’ll do our best to reschedule a time convenient for you or have our local service unit contact you for rescheduling.

For home appliances repair:

Call us at +971 4 3380864 or contact us via email at service@quickfixdubai.com

How do I reschedule an appointment ?

For appliance repair:

To reschedule a missed or canceled appointment, you can:

Call us at +971 4 3380864 and we’ll help you reschedule your appointment.

My parts have arrived—now what ? Will I be charged, in addition to the initial service call fee ?

No. Once your parts have arrived, contact us at +971 4 3380864. We’ll let a technician know your parts have arrived and the service can be completed. You won’t be charged for the second service visit.

What’s the best way to get the soonest appointment—by calling, or scheduling online ?

You’ll get the same appointment availability, regardless of whether you book online or call. Booking online is easy, and usually takes less time than calling.

How do I schedule an annual Preventive Maintenance checkup ?

To schedule an annual Preventative Maintenance checkup on your appliance, call us at +971 4 3380864 and we can schedule it for you.

The website claims the service I need is not available in my area. What can I do ?

Call us at +971 4 3380864 and we’ll assist you with getting the service you need.

How will my appointment be confirmed if I schedule it online ?

For repairs:

You’ll receive several confirmations for your repair appointment. First, we’ll send a confirmation number via email (and text, if you’ve opted into text alerts) as soon as you book your service online. One day prior to your scheduled repair, you’ll receive a reminder by email and either text or phone call. Then on the day of your service, we’ll contact you with an updated two-hour window. Finally, your technician will contact you when on the way to your home.

How do I schedule multiple appointments ?

You can schedule multiple appointments online; you simply need to schedule each appointment separately. Or you can call us at +971 4 3380864 and we’ll schedule multiple appointments for you.

If I schedule multiple appointments, how will I be charged ?

It depends on the type of service. If the appliances are in the same product category (e.g. washer and dryer), you’ll be charged full price for the first appliance, then a discount of up to 50% will apply toward the rest of the appliances. If the appliances are not in the same product category (e.g. washer and range), you’ll be charged full price for each.

For home improvement products and projects, we offer in-home consultations, which are always free.

What if you repair my appliance and the same problem occurs ? Will you charge me for the second time ?

No. If the technician has to return for the same symptom/problem, there will be no additional charge for labor.

I just moved to a new home. Can you come out and inspect my appliances ?

Yes, we can. Just call us at +971 4 3380864 so we can set up an appointment.

What is the payment method for the services ?

The payment is upon the completion of the service done same time either by CASH or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. If its by card, then it has to be clear in the booking form so at time of completing the job at drop off and reinstallation of the appliance, the mobile POS machine will be used for credit card

What if Super Fix home appliance repair cannot fix my appliance ? Do I still need to pay for assessment & logistical charge ?

No if you have confirmed the job order with us and due to any unforeseen reason we are unable to fix your appliance you will not be charged & the appliance will be dropped back to you at no cost. However, in the case of where by the appliance can be fixed by our team but you are not comfortable with the job work cost and decide not to confirm the job order, there will be a nominal charge of assessment & logistical charges of AED 150 applicable.

How much time will it take to fix my appliance ?

Once we assess the condition of your product damage, and are able to source the part , we can complete the job order in 7 workings days for product which require lead time testing from assessment . However, in case of where the parts are not easy to source and replace, there will be additional lead time required which would be discussed with you prior to finalizing the job order. The assessment report will be shared with you from pick up/ drop off within 48 hours to give you the estimation time and cost.

I Need to Get Rid of an Old Refrigerator / Freezer. What Can I Do ?

The best option is to take it to your local landfill. However, the law does require that you have the refrigerant evacuated first. Your local appliance repair company should be able to do that for you.

Should I Repair or Replace My Existing Appliance ?

If you are comparing having your existing machine repaired or replacing it with a machine that is comparable in price with what you paid for your machine 10 or so years ago, you will not be making a valid comparison. The equipment is neither similar in quality nor durability for the same price. If you were to merely replace your existing household appliance with one that costs about what you paid a decade ago, you’ll be repairing or junking the new machine every three to four years. You’ll either have to pay more up front for a new, high-quality machine that will give you another 10 years of trouble-free operation or you pay less up front for a low-end machine and then pay-as-you-go for repairs.

Is Repairing or Servicing an Old Appliance Really a Good Investment ?

When asking, “How much is a new one ?” you need to consider both the quality of appliance you can afford as a replacement and the option of having your existing appliance properly repaired by a competent professional. We can diagnose and evaluate your appliance to determine if it’s in your best interest to repair or replace it and make a recommendation accordingly.